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Havmor Ice Cream

In 1944, a young professional, Satish Chona, started an ice cream shop, by the name of Havmor, in Karachi in 1944. Initially it began as a part time venture to supplement the family income. The subsequent three years saw it becoming a popular local brand. But in 1947, in the wake 
of the India-Pakistan partition, he was forced to leave everything behind and migrate 
to India. He tried setting up a new venture in couple of Indian cities- Dehradun and Indore but
then ultimately settled in Ahmedabad. Starting from scratch, Satish Chona began operations from a handcart at the Ahmedabad railway
station, churning out ice-cream manually. He called this fledgling brand HAVMOR- a short form
of Have More- promising the customers more value for money and more taste to relish. Achhai, Sachhai and Safai (Goodness, Purity/honesty and
hygiene) were the guiding values that endure to date

The West was won by taste, innovation and quality. In the last six decades, from a handcart, Havmor has grown into a delicious facet of daily life of a large part of Western India. It is available through 20,000 + outlets across Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Havmor has more than 160 products, possibly the most extensive range in India.

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